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Explore the fleet of Bus Travel Ioannina

The Bus Travel fleet consists of 2 mini buses of 17 and 24 seats, fully equipped to meet all travellers’ needs.

The fleet of Bus Travel Ioannina

With our modern and luxurious fleet of vehicles, travel to any of your favorite destinations with safety, comfort and reliability.


FIAT DUCATO (17 seats)

The 17-seat mini bus Fiat Ducato is ideal for small groups, students, parents and athletes. Choose the 17-seat MiniBus to travel to your sports activities, as well as for your excursions to alternative tourism.


The Mercedes Sprinter 24-seat mini bus is the ideal choice for business trips, all sorts of different tourist excursions and special events. Enjoy traveling into the modern and comfortable interior of the Mercedes Sprinter with panoramic windows, comfortable leather seats as well as individual lighting and air conditioning. Equipped with CD and DVD Player, listen to the music you like or watch the movie shown on the mini Bus’s TV.


Choose Bus Travel Ioannina and travel with comfort and luxury in Greece and all over Europe with our modern, safe and high equipped vehicles.


Our primary purpose is the travelers’ safety. Enjoy a hassle-free journey with our high equipped vehicles. We believe in the absolute service and safety of your transportation.

Our experienced drivers with their friendly attitude and discretion, ensure you a safe and pleasant journey

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They said about Bus Travel Ioannina

Είχαμε μια καταπληκτική εμπειρία από τη Bus Travel Ioannina. Νοικιάσαμε ένα mini bus και μείναμε εντυπωσιασμένοι από την άνεση, την καθαριότητα και την εξυπηρέτηση.

Χρυσάνθη Β.

Με διαφορά ότι καλύτερο έχουμε νοικιάσει σε τουριστικό λεωφορείο. Ο οδηγός εξαιρετικός και πάντα πρόθυμος να μας εξυπηρετήσει σε ότι του ζητήσαμε.

Μιχάλης Λ.

Συστήνεται ανεπιφύλακτα! Επικοινωνήσαμε με τη Bus Travel για να χρησιμοποιήσουμε ένα λεωφορείο τους για σχολική εκδρομή. Το λεωφορείο ήταν πολυτελές και πάρα πολύ καθαρό και τα παιδιά μείνανε ενθουσιασμένα!

Νίκος Δ.

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