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How many people can serve your mini buses?

Our fleet is consisting of two mini bus 17 and 24 seats. In case you need more seats for your transportation please contact us.

Can I hire a mini bus without a driver?

Bus Travel Ioannina provides hiring mini bus services with trained experienced drivers. You can book an appointment with our representatives, inform them with your needs and they will ensure that the driver will accomplished all your demands.

Do mini buses have air conditioning?

All our vehicles have air condition and they are packed with high quality equipment according to the European regulations.

Can I hire a mini bus to travel abroad?

Bus Travel Ioannina offers travel services throughout Greece and Europe.



Our drivers will meet you and take you to any destination you have chosen.


You can make an appointment with the representatives of our company and they will make sure to choose the driver that meets your requirements.



For any cancellations or changes to the trip that you have already chosen, please contact by telephone our representatives.

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